Do Lexington Skunks Kill Chickens?

Although Lexington skunks are renowned for their revolting smelling fluids, not much else is known about them. Skunks are carnivorous animals and feed on prey which is of around the same size to them.

Skunk behaviour
Skunks are nocturnal creatures, and so it can be difficult to identify if it is a Kentucky skunk terrorising your livestock. This

Chicken eggs
Skunks are known to eat Lexington chicken eggs, eating them in a certain manner by crushing the eggs in a way that they are able to lick out the inside. This can be a problem in three ways, the first being that if you live off the selling of chicken eggs your profits can be hit, not mentioning if the egg was actually fertilised, which results in you having to spend more money buying more chickens in the future. Plus if the chickens are traumatised their productivity will decrease, with some chickens not laying eggs at all.

Chickens are also on the menu for Kentucky skunks. And although basic fencing may look secure, the skunks will find a way to get around it, and so a good coop with sturdy fencing and potentially an apron that goes into the ground (as so the skunks cannot dig underneath the coop) is needed.

Can skunks be beneficial?
Lexington skunks can have a benefit to people, as they do also eat other animals such as mice which in turn eat grain. However, this problem can be solved through other animals, such as cats, without risking chickens.

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