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Different Causes of Bad Odor in a Lexington House

Common Causes of Bad Smells in Kentucky Households
• Dead animals
• Wires, plastic components burning
• Mold

How to detect odors
• If the smell is coming from a dead Lexington animal it was probably stuck and couldn't get out so it died, that means that you have a dead animal in your house. Most people confuse sewage smell with dead animal smell but the dead animal's stench is way stronger. Dealing with the stench of a dead animal will require you to identify its corpse and remove it.
• Mold- if you smell a musty or mold odor it's probably there. To prevent having mold it's important to have better ventilation especially for places like your basement.
• If you smell something like a fish, other than being a Kentucky fish, it can be something burning like a wire or other plastic components.

How to remove odors
• Baking soda removes odors way more than you think, some people put it in the refrigerator or freezer, or you can even put it on your carpet and then vacuum it.
• You can remove the smell of a washing machine by putting a mold killing tablet in it and running a cycle, and leaving the door open
• Clean the drains in the kitchen and bathroom with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar.
• Use bleach and water solution to remove mold. Consider using protective gloves, and a brush.
• If the cause was a dead Lexington animal you should remove the carcass of the animal as quickly as possible. Depending on the size of the animal the stench will be different. Always use protection and disinfectants because you may find yourself diseased with tularemia or rabies, and no one wants that.

Call in professional help
Depending on the source of the bad odor you can call in different kinds of professionals to help you remove it. Try to follow your nose in order to know who to call. If it smells of burned plastic an electrician will be necessary if it is a dead animal you will have to call the local wildlife removal operators so they can remove the dead Kentucky animal away from your property.

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