How to Tear Down a Lexington Beaver Dam

The thing that I have to say is the legality of destroying Lexington beaver dams. First it's always best to speak to a member of your local government to make sure that you won't get into any trouble as a result of the dam being destroyed, like if the sudden increase in water causes mass erosion and flooding nearby. And if the beavers haven't been removed from the area properly they will just come back and rebuild it.

But say you've got the go ahead in regards to removing a Kentucky dam, and it's not a bad time for the environment (so preferably during the summer months) there are many different ways for you to remove a dam. One of the ones which is a right blast is through the use of controlled explosives. This, although effective, needs to be done very carefully and making sure that as few lives are endangered by the shrapnel which will be caused by the dam, and again you need to make sure that there isn't any legal problems surrounding using explosives and you hold any required licenses if needed.

If blowing things up isn't your forte, you may want to just tear down that wall! Using methods similar to those of the Germans in 1989 actually would work, using pickaxes, spades, and even just using your bare hands to remove the dam. One thing you need to do however is ensure that you aren't in the way of the water once the Lexington dam has broken, as if it is a large quantity it may take you downstream or even just injure you with rough pieces of wood.

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